Where ambition meets reception.  take project management into your own hands by completing or creating your team of professional creatives, prepared for any adversity. Are you patient or procrastinating? advance your  freelance, be your own boss and  conquer your career!




Where glamour meets flamboyant. Experience professionals execute the top trending makeovers wether on-location or studio enviorment . Stay up to date with newest hair styles as well as latest fashion do's and don'ts. Learn industry secrets to maintain clear and hydrated skin!


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Where preparation meets performance. We offer top of the line model staffing and management for  editorial, TRADE SHOWs, promotional models, brand ambassadors, beverage promo and street teams. Attract attention to your brand and Generate more leads!



Where stunning meets promotion. Be unique by combining industry posing basics with personal charisma. Work hands on with professional photographers and directors all while building a portfolio. Learn to communicate your brand on camera as well as interviews!